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Stainless steel fabrication

Working with stainless steel and aluminium, Universal Engineering specialises in a wide range
of fabrications for domestic and industrial applications. Using modern day equipment, including
laser, & water jet cutting, we can produce complex fabrications to meet your needs. Either working
to your designs or working from site measurements, we will meet your requirements in a
professional and swift manor.
We have a highly skilled team of engineers capable of fabricating many products of all shapes,
sizes and materials.

Some of what our stainless steel department offer:

CAD drawing facility to design and provide drawings on request
13000 sq ft workshop  segregated  in to 2 half's  
stainless & Aluminium workshop, and a mild steel workshop
10 tonne over head gantry crane
Coded welders for pipework (Product/ dairy, air, steam, gas, & water treatment )
Confined space trained welders
Sheet metal work with use of 3000mm digital break press and 3000mm guillotine.
Laser cutting and water jet cutting available
Conveyor design and manufacture
Platforms, Stair cases, CAT ladders, Handrails
Tanks ,Vessels, Hoppers, Barriers and much much more
We can assess the possibilities of your designs and from the assessment we can consider the best
methods of metal fabrication.We will ensure that the manufacturing process of your product will
result in the completed product meeting its specific purposes and being of a quality that’s second
to none. Furthermore, we will meet the volume requirements and batch deadlines without fail
whilst still ensuring that you receive the most efficient and cost friendly service available.
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Corby, Northants, NN17 4BA
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